Next-Gen QR Menus for Restaurants

Control, Table and Drive-By Orders, Powerful Analytics

Experience the future of menus with dynamic QR solutions. Empower your business with full menu control, seamless table orders, and the added convenience of drive-by orders. Leverage powerful analytics for data-driven insights. Elevate your customer experience today!


Dynamic Menu Management

Our QR menu solution offers a cutting-edge feature known as "Dynamic Menu Management." This powerful tool puts you in complete control of your menu offerings, providing unmatched flexibility and ease of use for your business.

Table-Specific QR Menus

Take your restaurant's efficiency and customer service to new heights with our revolutionary "Table-Specific QR Menus" feature. Designed to streamline the dining experience, this cutting-edge functionality allows your patrons to order directly from their smartphones by scanning a unique QR code assigned to their table.


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Drive-By Orders

Take your restaurant's efficiency to new heights with our innovative "Drive-By Orders" feature. Offering the utmost convenience, this functionality allows customers to place orders seamlessly from their vehicles. When customers scan the QR code, they can enter their car number, ensuring a seamless identification process. The runner is then equipped with the car number information, streamlining the delivery process and ensuring each order reaches the right vehicle promptly. Elevate your restaurant's service and enhance the drive-by dining experience with Drive-By Orders. Try it free and revolutionize your restaurant's operations today!

Efficient Order Processing

Transform your restaurant's operations with our "Efficient Order Processing" feature. Say goodbye to long wait times and communication delays between the front-of-house and kitchen. Our streamlined system ensures that orders placed through QR menus are instantly transmitted to the kitchen, facilitating prompt preparation and minimizing any potential bottlenecks.


Powerful Analytics

Empower your restaurant with comprehensive "Powerful Analytics" that go beyond customer insights. Monitor and analyze runner and kitchen performance to ensure efficient operations. Track order preparation times, delivery efficiency, and identify areas for improvement. With data-driven visibility into all aspects of your restaurant, optimize your processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve peak performance. Try it free and harness the full potential of data to drive success in your restaurant today!

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Ideal for small restaurants or startups, the Basic plan offers a robust menu management system with advanced features for a single branch. Get started with our efficient QR menus and experience the benefits of streamlined ordering.

$9.99 when paying month to month 
$8.33 per month when paying once a year ($99.99)

1 Branch: Manage all your menu offerings and orders for a single restaurant location.

Unlimited Products: Showcase your entire range of dishes without limitations. 

Unlimited Tables: Accommodate every guest comfortably with unlimited table assignments.

1 Photo for Each Product: Make your menu visually appealing by adding one high-quality photo for every item. 

1 Menu: Create a comprehensive and well-organized menu for your valued customers.


For growing establishments with multiple branches, the Pro plan provides expanded menu management for up to five branches. Dive into insightful KPIs that optimize performance and drive growth across your locations.

$19.99 when paying month to month 
$16.67per month when paying once a year ($199.99)

Up to 5 Branches: Efficiently manage menus and orders for up to five restaurant locations.

Unlimited Products: Showcase an extensive range of dishes across all branches, catering to diverse tastes.

Unlimited Tables: Ensure smooth table assignments for countless guests at each branch. 

Up to 3 Photos for Each Product: Enrich your menu with up to three captivating photos for every item, enticing your customers.

Drive-By Car Orders: Offer the ultimate convenience with drive-by car orders. Customers can effortlessly order from their vehicles using QR codes placed strategically. 

3 Menus: Create up to three menus per branch, such as special menus, seasonal offerings, and more, tailored to different occasions or promotions. 

Branded: Maintain your brand identity across all branches with our branded option. Add your restaurant's logo and colors to create a consistent and professional look.


The ultimate solution for restaurant chains and enterprises, the Premium plan offers unparalleled control and insights to optimize your dining establishments. Elevate your brand and deliver exceptional experiences at every location.

$49.99 when paying month to month 
$41.67 per month when paying once a year ($499.99)

Unlimited Branches: Seamlessly manage menus and orders across all your restaurant locations, with no limitations on the number of branches. 

Unlimited Products: Showcase an extensive range of dishes, ensuring your customers have access to all your culinary delights. 

Unlimited Tables: Accommodate an endless stream of guests with unlimited table assignments at each branch.

 3 Photos and 1 Video for Each Product: Bring your menu to life with up to three high-quality photos and one enticing video for every item, tantalizing your patrons' taste buds with visuals.

Customizable Menus: Tailor menus for each location, offering unique experiences that align with the ambiance and preferences of your patrons. 

Drive-By Car Orders: Provide unmatched convenience with drive-by car orders, enabling customers to order from their vehicles via QR codes placed strategically. Multiple Menus per Branch: Create an array of menus for each branch, such as special offerings, seasonal delicacies, and exclusive promotions. 

Branded: Maintain a consistent brand identity across all branches with our branded option. Add your restaurant's logo and colors to enhance recognition and trust. 

Powerful Analytics and Reports: 

Performance Insights: Monitor and optimize the performance of each branch with comprehensive analytics, tracking key metrics such as sales, customer feedback, and more. 

Menu Optimization: Leverage data-driven insights to fine-tune your menu offerings, identifying top sellers, and crafting menus that resonate with your patrons.

Operational Efficiency: Identify operational bottlenecks, streamline processes, and enhance overall efficiency to elevate your restaurant's performance.